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Step 1 - Plate Style

Standard Number Plates - £23 (pair)

Box standard plates printed in black only. For legal/show side badges choose different Plate Style

Colour Badged Plates - £25 (pair)

Full colour side badges, 5 legal badges and 100’s of show badges. Coloured borders and several printed legal and show font options. 

3D Gel Number Plates - £40 (pair)

100% legal font - modern and subtle change to standard number plates, all characters raised with legal black gel resin. 

4D 3mm Number Plates - £45 (pair)

100% legal font - Professionally laser cut using ultimate precision, our 4D number plates are finished with a 3mm raised GLOSS acrylic profile.

4D 5mm Number Plates - £55 (pair)

100% legal font - Professionally laser cut using ultimate precision, our 4D number plates are finished with a 5mm raised GLOSS acrylic profile.

4D Gel Number Plates - £60 (pair)

100% legal font - these are the best legal plates on the market. 3mm 4D profile, topped with a black gel resin; giving a Supreme Finish!

Front 520mm x 111mm
Rear 520mm x 111mm
Step 2 - Customisations
PLEASE NOTE: Space your text as you want it printed.
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Replacement Number Plate for Alfa Romeo

Reinvigorate Your Alfa Romeo: Legal Show Plates Replacement Number Plates

Invite a breath of fresh air to your Alfa Romeo with high-quality, DVLA-compliant replacement number plates from Legal Show Plates. We understand that your Alfa Romeo is more than a vehicle—it's a statement of your style, power, and Italian finesse. And that's why we offer personalised, stunning, and legal replacement number plates for your Alfa Romeo to ensure it always looks its best.


Why Choose Legal Show Plates for Your Alfa Romeo?

At Legal Show Plates, we commit to superior quality and legality. We design our replacement number plates to complement the sophistication and performance of your Alfa Romeo, ensuring it stands out on the streets. Whether you prefer a classic white and yellow design or a bespoke one, Legal Show Plates is here to make your Alfa Romeo shine brighter.


Experience our Number Plate Maker Tool

Our user-friendly Number Plate Maker Tool streamlines the process of personalising your Alfa Romeo's replacement number plate. Choose your preferred font, colour, and finish, or select a unique number and letter combination. Design with confidence, knowing your number plate strictly adheres to DVLA regulations.



Types of Replacement Plates for Your Alfa Romeo

Legal Show Plates offers a diverse range of replacement number plates for your Alfa Romeo:

  • Standard Plates - A timeless design that maintains a clean, professional look.

  • 3D Gel Plates - Add depth and dimension with our 3D Gel plates for a sophisticated look.

  • 4D Plates - Our 4D plates offer a premium look with raised characters.

  • 4D Gel Plates - Combine the dimension of 4D plates with the glossy finish of gel for a high-end appearance.

  • Show Plates - Ideal for car shows or off-road use, allowing you to fully express your passion for your Alfa Romeo.

Our plates are designed with strict adherence to DVLA regulations, combining style and legality.


Our Plates Fit All Alfa Romeo Models

Whether you're driving a classic or the latest model, we've got you covered. Here are the Alfa Romeo models that we offer replacement number plates for:

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia - Our replacement number plates enhance the elegance of this high-performance sedan.

  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio - The sleek design of our replacement number plates complements this luxury SUV's dynamic style.

  • Alfa Romeo 4C Spider - Adorn this sporty convertible with our replacement number plates for a distinct look.

  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta - Our replacement number plates add a touch of sophistication to this compact family car.

  • Alfa Romeo 159 - The charismatic charm of the 159 is accentuated by our stylish replacement number plates.

  • Alfa Romeo Brera - Our replacement number plates enhance the visual appeal of this sporty coupe.

  • Alfa Romeo Spider - Highlight the Spider's classic elegance with our replacement number plates.

  • Alfa Romeo GT - Our replacement number plates add a fresh dimension to this sporty coupe's aesthetics.

At Legal Show Plates, we're committed to meeting all your replacement number plate needs for your Alfa Romeo. Choose with confidence, knowing our plates are DVLA-compliant and designed to give your Alfa Romeo an enhanced look.



Q: Are your replacement number plates legal?

A: Yes, all our replacement number plates fully comply with DVLA regulations.

Q: How long does delivery take?

A: We aim for prompt delivery, so you can enjoy your Alfa Romeo's fresh look as soon as possible.

Q: Can I personalise my number plate?

A: Yes, our Plate Builder Tool allows you to personalise your number plate, including your chosen font, colour, and finish.

At Legal Show Plates, we believe your Alfa Romeo deserves to look its best. Enhance its appearance today with our premium replacement number plates.

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