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PLEASE NOTE: Space your text as you want it printed.
Step 1 - Plate Style

Standard Number Plates - £23 (pair)

Box standard plates printed in black only. For legal/show side badges choose different Plate Style

Colour Badged Plates - £25 (pair)

Full colour side badges, 5 legal badges and 100’s of show badges. Coloured borders and several printed legal and show font options. 

3D Gel Number Plates - £40 (pair)

100% legal font - modern and subtle change to standard number plates, all characters raised with legal black gel resin. 

4D 3mm Number Plates - £45 (pair)

100% legal font - Professionally laser cut using ultimate precision, our 4D number plates are finished with a 3mm raised GLOSS acrylic profile.

4D 5mm Number Plates - £55 (pair)

100% legal font - Professionally laser cut using ultimate precision, our 4D number plates are finished with a 5mm raised GLOSS acrylic profile.

4D Gel Number Plates - £60 (pair)

100% legal font - these are the best legal plates on the market. 3mm 4D profile, topped with a black gel resin; giving a Supreme Finish!

Front 520mm x 111mm
Rear 520mm x 111mm
Step 2 - Customisations
PLEASE NOTE: Space your text as you want it printed.
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Number Plate Maker

We create Custom Number Plates, 3D Gel & 4D Number Plates in UK and Ireland

As a leading Number Plate Maker, we take pride in our ability to produce high quality unique custom number plates. 


Custom Number Plates the Easy Way With Legal Show Plates

If you’re looking for something that will enhance the look of your car without costing you a fortune, then you’re absolutely in the right place. Thanks to our easy to use custom number plate maker, all it takes to create a fantastic new number plate is a few minutes of your time and clicks on your screen. 

Whether you’re after great-looking, distinctive custom number plates to give your vehicle some p-zaz! for car shows or completely road legal 3D number plates to make heads turn every time you go out on the road, they’re all available here. What’s more, the options are almost endless.

Try Some Great 3D Gel Number Plates

One option that’s available when using our number plate creator online are 3D gel plates, which are particularly popular with our customers across the United Kingdom. Featuring high-quality acrylic, you get a registration plate that simply pops out and grabs the attention of anyone that sees it. 

And before you think that they must be illegal for use on Britain’s roads, they’re absolutely not! We do also offer non-legal custom number plates, but these are 100% in line with all UK road laws, so you can fit them and show them off without any fear of being pulled over. 

Or What About 4D Number Plates

Another really popular choice for our customers are our premium 4D plates that are just as simple to create using our number plate maker. Offering a real WOW factor like their 3D counterparts, they come with a luxurious 3 dimensional aesthetic that will complement the look of any car they’re attached to. 

Again, these beauties are totally road legal, with no need to worry about falling foul of the law. They cost a little more, but with our custom number plates, you’re never spending more than £45, so whichever of the options you go for, it’s not going to put a massive hole in your finances!

Custom Show Plates

This is where you get to completely express your individuality and personality and create plates that are Customised Replacement Number Plates to your exact requirements. Here you can customize to your heart’s content with our number plate maker and you’ve got a whole load of customization possibilities - something you’ll find within just a few moments of using it.

Number Plate Maker

Create your very own personalised registration number plate using our user friendly number plate maker. Whether you're looking for replacement plates, show plates, 3D gel plates, or 4D laser cut plates. 

Our advanced number plate maker provides all the necessary tools to craft unique reg plates that perfectly match your style. 

Number Plate Maker Styles

We recognise that each individual has their distinctive preferences when it comes to personalising their number plates. That's precisely why we offer an extensive range of accessories and text styles, empowering you to unleash your creativity and design registration number plate that truly reflect your personality. 

Whether you desire a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic or a vibrant and attention grabbing design, our innovative number plate maker has got you covered. 

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3D Gel & 4D Premium Number Plates

NEW Legal 3D Gel & 4D Premium style number plates


Makers of Custom Number Plates and Show Plates

The Cheapest Registration Plates in the UK and Ireland!

Legal Show Plates has over 10 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying custom made car number plates. We offer affordably priced personalised plates for UK and Ireland based customers. Our custom number plates are available in both UK road legal styles and as legal style plates for car shows. Our car registration number plates are ideal as a novelty gift. We offer a range of custom designs from 3D Gel to 4D Premium plates. If your car registration plates are in need of replacement, then we have got you covered! Once you have created your design and placed the order we can manufacture and dispatch your new number plates the same day to any UK and Ireland destination.


Using our Custom Number Plate Maker

With LegalShowPlates.com online number plate maker creating your own custom number plates couldn't be simpler! Just use our handy online car registration plate maker above to design your personalised show plates and see a live preview of how your finished product will look. Once you are happy with your design then simply press the Buy Now button on the right to order your new number plates.

At Legal Show Plates we aim to produce and dispatch your car plates on the same day to areas in the UK and Ireland. The plates are easy to install, all you have to do is just follow our simple 5 step number plate fitting guide.


3D Gel and 4D Premium Number Plates

Legal Show Plates are UK and Ireland’s leading number plate maker helping you create car plates that express your style. The 3D gel and 4D premium designs are 100% road legal. The plate designs can be manufactured in 4 different colour borders: black, red, grey and pink. At Legal Show Plates you can choose from 100's of side badges adding that ultimate personalisation to your number plates. They are an ideal accessory to a modern car. The 3D gel plates are created using a high-quality resin which provides that stand-out 3D effect. These number plates look great on cars in high-end show rooms. The 4D number plates are custom made using laser cut acrylic that adds a personal and premium look to your car. Get your 3D gel and 4D premium number plates with LegalShowPlates.com for an affordable price.

Order your bespoke number plates with Legal Show Plates online today!

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