Number Plate Maker

Number Plate Maker

Create your very own personalised number plates using our user-friendly number plate maker.

Whether you're looking for replacement plates, show plates, 3D gel plates, or 4D laser cut plates, our advanced number plate maker provides all the necessary tools to craft unique plates that perfectly match your style.

Number Plate Maker Styles

We recognise that each individual has their distinctive preferences when it comes to personalising their number plates. That's precisely why we offer an extensive range of accessories and text styles, empowering you to unleash your creativity and design plates that truly reflect your personality.

Whether you desire a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic or a vibrant and attention-grabbing design, our innovative number plate maker has got you covered.

Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality while adhering to strict compliance standards. Rest assured, all our registration plates are meticulously manufactured to meet British Standards (BS AU 145e) and are fully compliant with road regulations. Drive with complete confidence, knowing that your number plate maker produces legally approved and up-to-code plates.

At Legal Show Plates, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we strive to offer unparalleled value for your investment. Our prices are regularly checked to ensure competitiveness within the market. Furthermore, we boast the widest selection of postage options, enabling you to select the most suitable and cost-effective delivery method based on your specific budget and requirements.

Number Plate Maker

What type of number plates do we offer?

Our exclusive selection of number plates, carefully crafted to cater to your unique preferences. Here at Legal Show Plates, you'll discover an extraordinary range of options and specifications, ensuring a seamless experience in finding the ideal number plate for your beloved vehicle.

Our state of the art car number plate maker proudly showcases the industry's most extensive collection, granting you a plethora of choices to perfectly complement your distinctive style.

Continually striving to exceed expectations, we consistently expand our number plate maker tool collection to embrace the ever-evolving tastes of our esteemed customers. If you possess a fresh and innovative concept in your mind, please get in touch and our team will help you create the design you require

Why wait any longer? Unleash your creativity and design your perfect number plates today using our intuitive and user-friendly number plate maker. Embrace the convenience, superior quality, and unmatched style that distinguishes us from the competition. Take to the road with confidence and make a bold statement with our bespoke, road-legal number plates.

Create your unique style using our Number Plate Maker below. 

Let's Make Your Number Plate...

PLEASE NOTE: Space your text as you want it printed.
Step 1 - Plate Style

Standard Number Plates - £23 (pair)

Box standard plates printed in black only. For legal/show side badges choose different Plate Style

Colour Badged Plates - £25 (pair)

Full colour side badges, 5 legal badges and 100’s of show badges. Coloured borders and several printed legal and show font options. 

3D Gel Number Plates - £40 (pair)

100% legal font - modern and subtle change to standard number plates, all characters raised with legal black gel resin. 

4D 3mm Number Plates - £45 (pair)

100% legal font - Professionally laser cut using ultimate precision, our 4D number plates are finished with a 3mm raised GLOSS acrylic profile.

4D 5mm Number Plates - £55 (pair)

100% legal font - Professionally laser cut using ultimate precision, our 4D number plates are finished with a 5mm raised GLOSS acrylic profile.

4D Gel Number Plates - £60 (pair)

100% legal font - these are the best legal plates on the market. 3mm 4D profile, topped with a black gel resin; giving a Supreme Finish!

Front 520mm x 111mm
Rear 520mm x 111mm
Step 2 - Customisations
PLEASE NOTE: Space your text as you want it printed.
Plate style:
Qty: Front, Rear
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