Navigating 4D Number Plates & ANPR Compliance: Essential Insights

4D Number Plates and ANPR Systems: What You Need to Know

With the introduction of the new standard in September 2021, BSAU145e, the landscape of vehicle customisation, especially regarding number plates, has seen significant changes. This standard ensures that all number plates, including 4D designs, comply with strict regulations, making them compatible with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. At Legal Show Plates, our 4D number plates are designed not just to comply with these new regulations but to ensure that they work seamlessly with ANPR systems across the country.


The Impact of BSAU145e on 4D Number Plates

The BSAU145e standard was introduced to tackle issues related to the visibility and recognition of number plates by ANPR systems, which are essential for enforcement and security purposes within the UK. This standard specifies the reflectivity, durability, and colour contrast of number plates. Legal Show Plates' 4D offerings are crafted with these specifications in mind, ensuring that while our plates stand out for their style and personalisation, they remain fully compliant and easily readable by ANPR technology.


How Legal Show Plates Ensures Compliance

At Legal Show Plates, we understand the importance of adhering to DVLA standards while allowing our customers to personalise their vehicles. Our 4D number plates are manufactured with premium materials that not only meet but exceed the requirements set by the BSAU145e standard. This ensures that our plates have the correct level of reflectivity and the characters on the plate maintain the required dimensions, spacing, and colour contrast as per DVLA guidelines.


The Compatibility between 4D Number Plates and ANPR Systems

ANPR systems rely on the ability to clearly scan and read number plates under various conditions. With the adherence to BSAU145e standards, our 4D number plates enable ANPR technology to efficiently and accurately capture the necessary information, whether it's for security checks, toll collection, or monitoring traffic violations. This compatibility underscores the importance of choosing compliant 4D number plates from reputable providers like Legal Show Plates, ensuring that personalisation doesn't come at the expense of functionality or legal compliance.



Navigating the BSAU145e Standard for Number Plates

If your number plate was purchased before the BSAU145e regulations took effect in September 2021, it's essential to understand the implications on your vehicle's compliance. Older plates that do not meet the new standards might still be legally used, provided they were fitted before the regulation change and haven't since been modified. However, if your plate does not conform to the current requirements, especially in terms of reflectivity, font, and spacing, you might face challenges, particularly with newer ANPR systems designed to read plates adhering strictly to the BSAU145e standard.

To ensure your vehicle remains within legal guidelines and to avoid any potential fines or issues with law enforcement, we at Legal Show Plates recommend assessing whether your current plate meets the basic requirements of the new standard. If in doubt, or if your plate is showing signs of wear or is not fully compliant for other reasons, considering an update to a new, compliant plate can provide peace of mind. Our range of 4D number plates are not only compliant with the latest regulations but also offer a stylish, personalised option that can enhance your vehicle's appearance while ensuring smooth compatibility with ANPR systems across the country.


Why Choose Legal Show Plates for Your 4D Number Plates?

By opting for 4D number plates from Legal Show Plates, not only are you ensuring that your vehicle remains in line with the latest legal standards, but you're also enhancing its aesthetics with a high-quality, durable product. Our number plates are designed to work in harmony with ANPR systems, giving our customers peace of mind and the freedom to express their individuality without facing potential legal issues.

The introduction of the BSAU145e standard represents a significant milestone in ensuring that the customisation of number plates, including the increasingly popular 4D designs, does not hinder the effectiveness of ANPR systems. At Legal Show Plates, our commitment to quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction positions us as the ideal choice for drivers looking to personalise their vehicles with confidence. Explore our range and experience the difference that compliant, high-quality 4D number plates can make to your vehicle’s appearance and value.