Can ANPR Technology Read 4D Number Plates?

Can ANPR Technology Read 4D Number Plates?

As innovations in number plate designs continue to emerge, questions arise about their compatibility with existing technology. One common query we receive at Legal Plate Show is whether Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems can read 4D number plates.


Understanding ANPR and Its Interaction with 4D Plates

ANPR technology is a tool used for identifying and reading number plates on vehicles. It utilises optical character recognition on images to read the alphanumeric characters on vehicle plates. But how does it interact with the new, stylish 4D number plates?

The good news is, provided your 4D plates are compliant with DVLA regulations, ANPR systems can indeed read them. The characters on our 4D plates are designed and constructed to meet the DVLA's standards for size, font, and spacing, ensuring they are easily identifiable by ANPR systems.


The Potential Legal Pitfalls of 4D Number Plates

While 4D number plates can be legal, certain practices and modifications can render them non-compliant with DVLA regulations, effectively making them illegal.

Inappropriate Font and Size

The DVLA requires that all number plates use the mandatory font, which is currently the Charles Wright 2001 font. Any deviation from this, including attempts to mimic the 3D effect using different fonts or sizes, can make a 4D plate illegal.

Incorrect Spacing

The characters on a number plate must adhere to specific spacing rules outlined by DVLA. Any adjustment to the prescribed character spacing, grouping, or margin requirements can lead to an illegal 4D plate.

Unlawful Colours and Reflective Material

The law dictates that number plates must have a reflective white front and a reflective yellow rear. Using any other colours or non-reflective material can result in an illegal 4D plate.

Unauthorized Symbols and Characters

Including any symbols or characters not recognised by the DVLA, such as logos, emojis, or decorative designs can make a 4D plate illegal.

It's important to remember that while 4D number plates allow for personalisation, they must still comply with all DVLA regulations to ensure they're legal and roadworthy.



Legal Plate Show's Commitment to ANPR Compatibility

At Legal Plate Show, we understand the importance of ANPR compatibility. Our 4D number plates are crafted to ensure maximum readability not just to the human eye, but to ANPR systems as well. With our plates, you can express your style without compromising functionality or falling foul of the law.

Key Takeaways:

  • ANPR systems can read 4D number plates if they comply with DVLA regulations.

  • Legal Plate Show's 4D plates are designed with ANPR compatibility in mind.


Build Your Plate Now

Embrace the blend of style, legality, and technology with Legal Plate Show. Start designing your ANPR-compatible 4D number plate today using our intuitive number plate builder tool. Drive with a unique style and the confidence that your 4D plate is fully compatible with ANPR systems.