About LegalShowPlates.com

LegalShowPlates.com have many years experience in making custom number plates and show plates for UK & Ireland customers.

Over the years we have become able to provide high quality number plates with an excellent level of service at a very competitive price.

We believe that we can offer you the cheapest show plates in the UK & Ireland!

Online UK & Ireland Number Plate Designer

To make it easy for our customers to choose how their custom show plates we have designed and developed an easy to use custom number plate designer that allows you to see exactly how your new plates will look when they arrive

Our show plates designer allows you to customise your show plates by choosing from the following options:

  • Number Plate Text
  • Legal and Non Legal Number Plate Font
    • UK 3D Legal Font
    • UK Standard Legal Font
    • UK Carbon Legal Font
    • UK Hi Line Legal Font
    • Carbon 3d Font (Exclusive to LegalShowPlates.com)
    • Hi Line Carbon Font (Exclusive to LegalShowPlates.com)
  • Legal and Non Legal Letter Spacing (legal by default)
  • Number Plate Border Colour
    • Black, Grey, Red or Pink
  • Number Plate Text Colour
    • Black, Grey, Red or Pink
  • Number Plate Badges
    • UK Legal Number Plate Badges
    • Carbon Number Plate Fibre Badges
    • Euro Number Plate Badges
  • Custom Number Plate Footer Text

Once you are happy with your number plate design then simply choose how many you would like to order and press the buy now button.

We can create and dispatch your new custom plates the very same day!

Please be aware that some designs are for "show" only and not for legal use on the public road.

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